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Industrial Emission Monitoring

Nanophotonics based multi gas industrial sensing at 2x reduced price and 10x spectral window.

About us


At Qualivon technologies, our intention is to leverage the potential of the emerging field of photonics, which in these days regarded as the "Industry 4.0" and plug that to alleviate the acute complications that the humanity and the environment is facing. This roots our mission to make, act and to deliver the products which resonates with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) that outcomes strategic relationships with our customers, policy makers and shareholders. 


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How it Works

High Sampling Rate

Provides higher gaseous sampling area within a single device

Low Maintainence

The integrated photonics alleviates the burden of maintainence

Wide Spectral Range

Higher Spectral window to unveil 10's of different gaseous particles.

Low Power Consumption

The overall power budget is significantly low

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