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Is ban of single use plastics is a solution to reduce plastic pollution?

There has been a buzzing word these days about the ban of single use plastics in India, but how effectively this initiative can reduce the plastic pollution in India. Unfortunately, not even 1% reduction is not possible. The first reason behind this is shocking, the majority of the plastic pollution to the earth are not the single use plastics but also the "Microfibers" which are present in our dresses in the form of synthetic fibers made of polyester, nylon, acrylic. These microfibers gets released during the wash from washing machines. It was estimated that 128mg of microfibers has been released from 1 k.g of wash. Then imagine how many k.g' s and how many trillion microfibers are there in oceans. It contributes over 68% of the total plastic pollution when compared to only 10% of single use plastics. The second reason would be that the ban of single use plastics makes the entry of paper/cloth bags, but to manufacture these bags, lot of trees must be deforested besides, the bags must be chemically treated to lasts long thus releasing chemicals in the water again to the oceans that leads to oceanic pollution. It's like a loop game and we are ending up coming back to where we have started. The only way to reduce this plastic pollution is by adopting a good recycling methods because currently, only 9% of the used plastic gets recycled leaving 91% getting into environment. So, to mitigate this either recycling plants be updated or Eco-friendly technological innovations has to come up to solve the massive wave of plastic pollution but not any bans. These bans are to bring awareness to people about how big the plastic pollution is and it's a great initiative but however not everyone takes it seriously and even educated people can't follow the guidelines because plastic became part of our lives. Lets join ours hands together and make our earth a better living for the next generations.

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